Hotel Le Pavillon de Rouen


The quiet location of the hotel in the town of Franqueville Saint-Pierre, only 6 km from the historic center of Rouen, is the ideal starting point for making the most of the priceless heritage that Rouen has to offer, but also for visiting some of the main points of interest in Normandy.

Rouen: a surprising city!

Let yourself be enchanted for the magnificent Cathedral of Rouen, a building of Gothic architecture dating from the twelfth century, is without a doubt, the most important religious monument of Rouen. Inside you can find the tomb of Richard the Lionheart.   ROUEN is also the opportunity to visit the Joan of Arc Church located in the Old Market Square where Joan of Arc was burned, honoring this famous French historical figure
Hotel Le Pavillon de Rouen
Hotel Le Pavillon de Rouen

Discover Normandy

Lyons-la-Forêt, classified as one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, is nestled in the heart of the state forest of Lyons. Here you can enjoy the charming colorful half-timbered houses, its flowery streets and its forest hiking trails.   Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Claude Monet’s home and admirable gardens, which served as the inspiration for some of the artist’s major works. They are located in Giverny, just 1 hour from the hotel.
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